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agroclean® Woodwool for udder cleaning Lindner Suisse movie www.lindner.ch

Quote from www.lindner.ch:


Wood Wool (Excelsior)

Original agroclean® udder wool cleans and stimulates the udder in a gentle and efficient way. It can be applied safely, hygienically and without any risk of injury. Cleaning with agroclean® udder wool guarantees the best quality milk. Experts recommend dry cleaning, but if necessary a humid application is possible as well. In the guidelines for the production of quality milk, udder wool is listed as a disposable cleaning agent. So far it is exported to 12 countries and has been highly appreciated by milk producers for years. agroclean® udder wool is recommended by vets.

A milk farmer’s most valuable asset is, without any doubt, the  precious cattle. Simply on account this very fact, the cattle deserve attentive, careful and natural cleaning of their udders. That you – as a farmer – can ultimately also benefit is obvious.


End of quote.

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